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About Us

The LIBAR Agency is the uncontested leader in the translation service market in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We offer written and spoken translations for 27 foreign languages to all official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian), and vice versa.

We have the professional competence and the technical equipment to respond to any and all client requests, while respecting the set deadlines and utmost quality.

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Our motto: The shortest way to a foreign language!

Our mission: Building an education and translation centre for the purpose of increasing competitiveness of human resources and economy.

Our vision: To become a regional leader for foreign language services, especially in terms of translation.

Our professional team, consisting of graduate foreign language teachers, native speakers and court certified translators are the best guarantee that you will receive quality results for the invested value. Our employees have attended various training programmes and acquired additional skills necessary to justify your trust in us.

Our strength lies in our employees and professional associates. Without their abundant knowledge, creativity and professional approach the Agency would not be able to attain its goals or validate your trust in us.

Different from others, by running ongoing quality checks of our services provided to our clients, we wish to design a service befitting the needs of our clients and, in this way, live up to their expectations.

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