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Interpretation is the transmission of verbal communication from the original to the target language. This process does not imply the transmission of individual words but of the spoken communication as a whole. In addition to interpreting the words, the interpreter must convey the meaning and the sense of the spoken content. The most common types of interpretation are consecutive and simultaneous. Timely information about the dates and the length of interpretation are crucial for interoperation jobs, as well as the provision of all materials available for due preparation.

How do you charge for interpretation?

All interpretation jobs are charged either per day or per hour of interpretation, which depend heavily on the language and type of interpretation. If need be, the client also covers all costs associated with the job (costs of transportation, accommodation and food).

What is simultaneous interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation is the most professional sort of interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation does not include pauses and implies parallel rendition and interpretation into the target language, with the interpreter located in an interpretation booth. Specially qualified interpreters work in pairs of two and take turns. They do their jobs in soundproof booths, use headphones to best isolate the voice of the speaker and they perform parallel interpretation into the target language.

This type of interpretation is ideal for multi-lingual conferences. However, it requires special equipment (headphones and microphones) provided by the event organiser or by our recommendation.

What is consecutive interpretation?

Consecutive interpretation is an interpretation type during which the interpreter takes notes of the speaker talking, and once they are finished (this usually occurs in afore agreed intervals) the interpreter gives a short summary of the spoken word. This interpretation is suitable for smaller groups and it does not require any equipment. Accompanied interpretation is a subtype of consecutive interpretation. If the consecutive interpretation is estimated to take the entire day, or several days, this would require the engagement of two interpreters working in a team.

Personal interpreter / whispered interpretation (chuchotage)

A personal interpreter follows a group of people or an individual during their journey or an event and acts as mediator in the communication. They are available during the entire event and they provide assistance in various situations that involve a foreign language.