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Court Certified Translations

If you are on the search for good quality court certified translations, you have reached your destination! The LIBAR Translation Agency is authorised for court translation services in Bosnia and Herzegovina for all foreign languages. Send us your document for a free quote and we will get back to you in the shortest time. As simple as that!

Certified translations are renderings of the original text in the target language certified with the stamp and signature from one of our competent court certified translators, thus acknowledging the truthfulness of and congruence with the original text.

Every court translator is appointed by the competent Court, and their job consists of conducting translations at the request of natural or legal entities. The LIBAR Translation Agency is registered for the provision of court certified translations. At your request, we can provide you with any court certified translation in the shortest possible time.

We offer court certified translations from 27 foreign languages to one of the official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croatian, Bosnian or Serbian), and vice versa, according to our clients’ requests.

What are the elements of a court certified translation?

A court certified translation consists of the certification statement, certification date, place, stamp and signature of the court certified translator. Each certified translation is assigned a number under which it is recorded in the certification book of an individual court translator.

Which translations must be certified by a court translator?

A court certified translation is necessary for documents which will be used for official purposes, such as contracts, notarised documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce rulings, court decisions, high school and university diplomas, transcripts, police clearances, residence certificates, powers of attorney, identity cards, passports, driver’s licences, excerpts from court registers, balance sheets and income statements, certificates, declarations, citizenship certificates, various records, decisions etc.

How do you charge for court translator certification?

The court translator certification is included in the translation price.

How long is the translation time?

The translation time depends on the length and complexity of the translated text. According to the regular tariff, the court translator can translate four translation pages from the local to a foreign language and 6 translation pages from a foreign to the local language in the course of one business day.