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During many years of work, our court interpreters and translators have been providing clients with high quality translation services, both certified translations and translations without a certification. We also provide interpreting services for a large number of clients at various business meetings, negotiations and other events.
We receive every request with utmost care, and strive to fully respond in a high-quality and professional manner. We are proud of the confidence our clients give us every day, as well as the fact that our clients happily return to us when they need a translation service again.
The LIBAR Translation Agency is the official translation centre for multiple business entities and institutions in BiH:

  • state ministries – several state ministries in BiH
  • banks – several banks in BiH
  • insurance companies – several insurance companies
  • state agencies – several state agencies in BiH
  • companies – several companies in BiH and abroad

Other businesses and institutions with different terminology:

  • Translation of legal documentation (contracts, verdicts, decisions etc.)
  • Translation of economic and financial documentation (financial reports etc.)
  • Translation of professional civil engineering documentation (elaborates, drawings, etc.)
  • Translation of medical records (findings, letters of discharge, books, etc.)
  • Translation of IT and electrotechnical documentation (instructions, blueprints, etc.)
  • Translation of marketing documentation (promotional leaflets and catalogues, websites etc.)
  • Translation of vehicle registration documentation
  • Translation of documents with cultural and historical topics etc.
  • other translations

Our complete reference list is available on demand. For all of the above, our clients are ready to confirm the quality of the provided services.